UB organizes pre-deployment seminar; stages culinary demo



Dr. Conrado Iñigo Jr. speaks during the seminar.



In a day loaded with wisdom and skills, the University of Baguio (UB) School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management (SIHTM) held a pre-deployment seminar and a food preparation demo with a staff of one of the country’s most well-known culinary schools.


During the seminar at the UB gym on Oct. 14, Dr. Conrado Iñigo Jr. – Vice-President for Academic Affairs of Lyceum of the Philippines University – stressed the seven habits of highly effective people famously penned by American keynote speaker and author Stephen Covey.


Putting it in a capsule, Iñigo created the acronym PBFWUSS which stands for “pro-active,” “begin today with the end in mind,” “first things first,” “win-win,” “understand,” “synergy,” and “self-renewal.”


Now, how are you supposed to make those “seven habits” your habits? Dr. Iñigo has an answer: learn them, practice them, share them, and then review them again.


“To change yourself effectively, change first your perception. There is power in thinking,” he said.


“Note that the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind. We have five basic senses, and then we have the sixth sense – the subconscious mind, that which is inside your mind, your will.”


“You just have to think and feel it,” he noted.


He also reminded the participants to “accept defeat gracefully.”


On the other hand, gracing the afternoon session, Center for Culinary Arts – Manila’s Chef Tristan Encarnacion shared with the UB-SIHTM students tips on how to “deliciously prepare” pasta and vegetable salad. He also entertained questions during the demo, spawning inquiries from the students who got glued to the chef preparing the recipes.


“Tastes vary. But you just have to put your signature in whatever dish that you are preparing,” he said.



 CCA-Manila's Chef Tristan Encarnacion shows how to "deliciously prepare" salad and pasta recipes.



Chef Tristan's salad mix



 Chef Tristan's pasta recipe