UB faculty member cited 2013 most outstanding medical technologist




UB’s Teresa Villanueva (third from right) receives her Most Outstanding Medical Technologist award

from PAMET National and Baguio-CAR officials at PAMET Baguio-CAR’s annual Scientific Chapter Conference



For the second year in a row, the University of Baguio (UB) is again on the list of this year’s recipients of the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET) citations.


Teresa Villanueva, a faculty member of the UB School of Natural Sciences (SNS), was recognized as this year’s most outstanding medical technologist by PAMET Baguio-CAR Chapter during its 7th Annual Scientific Chapter Conference at the Prince Plaza Hotel on Oct. 20.


She was awarded for her “dedication to duty as medical technologist, continuously exploring avenues not only to better perform her task as a professor but also to improve the working environment for medical technology students and laboratory practitioners.”


Her positive attitude, dependability and enthusiasm in carrying out her broad range of tasks has earned for her the respect not only of fellow medical technologists but also of other health professionals, the citation noted.


The distinction was also presented to Villanueva “for her responsibility, commitment and ability to deal constructively with the weaknesses of other faculty members of UB” and “for her continuous exemplary performance, humility and integrity in the active pursuit of the values and standard of the medical technology profession.”


“This achievement is the achievement of the School of Natural Sciences. It is not mine alone. I share it with my co-faculty members. It’s everybody’s effort,” Villanueva said.


“It means that I’m doing something right, that I’m on the right track,” Villanueva added, recognizing that the award further motivates her to do better.


Villanueva was chosen based on her research works, awards, and trainings among others.


Villanueva is the second from UB to be recognized by PAMET. Last year, Dr. Janice Kaylyn Kiley-Lonogan – currently the dean of UB SNS – was named the most outstanding medical technologist in North Luzon.


In 2008, Lonogan also received the Most Outstanding Medical Technologist award from PAMET Baguio-CAR.


PAMET Baguio-CAR, which is celebrating its 43rd founding anniversary this year, holds the theme “Going Global at 43.” It set out to “embrace the integration of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015” – an initiative that aims to unify ASEAN countries into a single market and production base. 


“We recognize the need to develop international competence… As the member countries in the Asia-Pacific prepare for the opening of a borderless region where the movement of professionals will not be impeded by country borders, there is an urgent need to ensure that our own Filipino medical technologists will be able to compete in the field… [Thus, this conference],” PAMET Baguio-CAR stressed during the convention.




Villanueva giving her acceptance speech