UB wins major spots in first-ever nat’l PT quiz




From left: Leomarie Ulatan, Nicole Mae Dar, Rouel de Asis, Camille Bautista, Jeffrey Salonga, Joy Lucero, Gaye Paris, and Clark Cian Marcelino



Finishing second, the University of Baguio (UB) has showcased its prowess in physical therapy at the Philippine Society of Anatomists’ (PSA) first-ever inter-school anatomy quiz competition held in the city on Dec. 7.


The quiz bowl, held as part of PSA’s 31st annual convention, gathered competing teams from Manila and Northern Luzon.


The UB brains – composed of Leomarie Ulatan, Nicole Mae Dar, and Gaye Paris – battled it out in the physical therapy category to secure the second spot. Another group from UB – formed by Jeffrey Salonga, Camille Bautista, and Joy Lucero – landed fourth. Among the topics covered include gross anatomy, embryology, neuroanatomy, histology, and clinical anatomy as well as the history of anatomy.


Rouel de Asis and Clark Cian Marcelino, faculty members of the UB School of Natural Sciences, coached the teams.


“It was tough but, still, we did it,” said de Asis.


“Some of the questions were advanced. They were not part of the coverage that PSA communicated to us. But the [UB] teams were able to answer them. So it’s a pride. SNS, for one, is doing its job,” Marcelino added.


The event, which had the theme “PSA Goes North III: Spine in Motion”, also included a quiz bee on medicine.


PSA is an association of medical educators and school administrators which seeks to “standardize, improve, and update the teaching method in anatomy.” It is an affiliate society of the Philippine Medical Association and the Federacion Anatomique de Internacionale.