UB gives tribute to its founder; honors student achievers, outstanding alumni



Student achievers  against a backdrop bearing Tatay Fernando Bautistas portrait  are presented a certificate of recognition

during the awarding ceremonies held as part of the Founders Day. 



Tatay Fernando Bautista: A tale of a visionary

A hundred and six years ago, a visionary was born. Ninety-four years after, he left a legacy that is sure to persist beyond time. 


In 1948 – one of the darkest periods of the world’s history, the time when the country, specifically, was reeling from the ruins of the Second World War – Fernando “Tatay” Bautista, with wife Rosa “Nanay” Castillo-Bautista, put up what would be one of today’s premier learning institutions in the region.


With 89 students and five full-time instructors at the former Baguio Technical and Commercial Institute (or Baguio Tech, in short), Tatay pushed for the honing of “young men and women who are technically trained to assist in the immediate rehabilitation of Baguio City and the country and who will complement the work of engineers and other professionals. What was urgently needed was a vocational school offering courses that required relatively short periods to complete.” It is perhaps one of the most dignified and significant deeds a visionary can ever do.


Now, with thousands of young people being mentored year after year, the University of Baguio (UB) has become a molder of trailblazers and leaders and, more importantly, a home to future visionaries. It has transcended boundaries, advancing education at a larger and ultimately global scale. It crossed barriers, shaping minds from all parts of the world. That legacy is celebrated time and again, giving a reminder of the once-humble vision that is both noble and imperative.


Founder’s Day

On March 10 – 106 years from his birth – UB paid homage to Tatay, one of the builders of not only the University of Baguio but also of the City. His extraordinary life of dedication is chronicled in an exhibit at the UB Centennial Hall. His remarkable grace and his passion for education are likewise featured in the Museum, launched on the same occasion.


Highlighting the UBian excellence inspired by Tatay, the University’s student achievers for school year 2013-2014 were also honored at the Fernando G. Bautista (FGB) Awards. Those who stood out in academics, athletics, and in culture and arts were presented a Certificate of Recognition.  The newest roster of board passers were also handed the certificate, as well as the mentors behind them. The School of Business Administration and Accountancy, School of Nursing, School of Teacher Education, and School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety all picked up a certificate for their notable performance in the recent licensure examinations. 


Also part of the celebration is the first-ever Distinguished Alumni Awards, given to two UB alumni who have touched and made a difference in the lives of those in the community they serve. Benguet Governor Nestor Fongwan was bestowed the Distinguished Alumnus Lifetime Award for “demonstrating excellence and integrity and for continually advancing the Filipino community.” Meanwhile, Prof. Joseph Romero – who teaches at Nagasaki Wesleyan University in Japan – received the Distinguished Alumnus Expatriate accolade in recognition of his “contributions to his adopted country.”


Spearheaded by the UB Linkages, Alumni and Review Center, the celebration was a wrap to this year’s commemoration of Tatay Fernando’s stellar legacy – a legacy that will forever be etched in the hearts of those who passed through the four walls of the University of Baguio, a legacy that will be timelessly bolted to the memory of every mind UB has inspired. 



Dr. Rebecca Miranda, UBs Vice President for Academic Affairs, awards a certificate to Ana Lou Culbengan

for passing the recent licensure examination for medical technologists.



 Benguet Governor Nestor Fongwan is bestowed the Distinguished Alumni Award by UB President Johann Ben Bautista.




 Prof. Joseph Romero is given the Distinguished Alumnus Expatriate Award by

UB Vice President for Finance Eleonor Rosa Razon.