Marketing specialist, author shares expertise with UB studes



Gordon discusses the basics of marketing during the lecture.



An accomplished author shared tips on effective marketing strategy with the Mass Communication and Business Administration students of the University of Baguio (UB) in a lecture titled “The Psychology of Marketing” on Aug. 7.


In his discussion, Mark A. Gordon – a marketing specialist – highlighted the “six emotive ways to sell.” Accordingly, such include reciprocation, consistency, social validation, liking, authority, and scarcity.


Reciprocation, he said, is the use of charity to attract customers to buy items. “For example, you can tell the customer that, for every purchase of a pair of shoes, he gets to donate school supplies to a school,” he explained.


Meanwhile, consistency uses “tools that will get money in the future” such as petitions and pledge. As for social validation, it revolves around the idea that a customer "should feel that he belongs” when he buys a certain product.


Liking, on the other hand, is simply making the customer “want your product.” How so? Gordon suggests, “Know the trend. It will definitely attract buyers.”


Moreover, authority utilizes famous personalities to sell while scarcity banks on the “limited edition only” strategy.


Gordon – who has written books on marketing and advertising – said “selling your message is the heart of marketing.”


“Processes change. They become obsolete,” he added, noting how fast-paced advertising is.


“Keep abreast on the latest, on what people want. [After all,] marketing is all about eliciting and motivating a desired behavior. It is about making somebody do something… to buy something,” he concluded.  





A student asks during the discussion.



SBAA dean Dr. Kareen Leon (second from left) and SLAHS dean Dr. Ely Jose As-il (second from right) present Gordon certificate of appreciation.