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Danna is among the 712 UB graduates who marched during the December 2015 UB Commencement Exercises.


“I’m with my mom. This is for her. She singlehandedly raised me and my siblings. She’s a strong woman. I hope I can be as tough as she is when the time comes that I need to be.”


“I’m from Besao [Mt. Province]. We had this thesis subject, and I worked on the preservation of mummies in Kibungan [Benguet]. It was a very enriching experience. I am proud of my Igorot culture, but it made me even prouder when I did the project. The Cordilleran culture, in general, is as unique as it can get. It’s diverse, yet unified. We have these different dialects in the provinces in the region, yet there is that fabric that makes it all connected, that links all the diverse cultures within the culture. I think that fabric is the awareness that we are the sons and daughters of the mountains and that we value the heritage that our forefathers toiled for.”


What are the things that you love?

“I love chemistry. I love crime series. I love Pink; I also love Katy Perry – obviously, I love pop rock. I love blue. I love suspense novels – Dan Brown, John Grisham.”


What are the odd things about you?

“Can you consider not wearing dresses as one?”


You don't?

“I think I'm sort of a non-conformist. I’m just more comfortable with just jeans and shirt and trainers. People describe me as simple. I guess that’s true – I can survive with a keypad phone; I don’t really care, as long as I can text and make a phone call. I’m kind of contented with just simple stuff.”


Complete the statement: To those who are yet to graduate…

“To those who are yet to graduate, just be patient. You will get there – eventually. Just enjoy every moment and appreciate what you have, big or small.”


What’s your take on success?

“You don’t get to have it easily. You have to work hard for it; you have to earn it. You’ve got to give some hell of an effort.”




 Interview & Text by RONA LIN








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