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Linkages, Alumni and Review Center (LARC)

About the UB Linkages Office:


The UB Linkages office is the center for networking with multi-sectors, a contributor of local and overseas training and schooling for students and employees, a provider of employment opportunities for University of Baguio alumni. It is a key liaison between the university stakeholders and the industry.

The UB Linkages office is committed to ensure that all students and employees have available and equal access to local and overseas training and study. For the alumni on the other hand, the office commits to provide profitable job opportunities.  It allies the university with other leading schools, corporations, industries and other institutions that would answer the need of internationalization and mobility of students and teachers and of the graduates for appropriate and immediate employment.

The UB Linkages office main tasks and obligations are:

  1. to be part of synergies in university and community development;
  2. to increase the number of the University’s partner institutions, both local and international;
  3. to strengthen relationships with these partners;
  4. to secure firm commitments from the partners for training, technology/skill transfer/sharing and job placements for the graduates;
  5. to market the graduates as skilled, responsive and responsible workers;
  6. to promote a systematic process of matching skills and knowledge of the graduates in compliance with industry’s requirements;
  7. to review industry’s needs and align these to the offered UB courses;
  8. to align the trends and needs of the job market with course offering through advise and dialogues with the industry and academic heads;
  9. to observe, analyze and anticipate job trends;
  10. to initiate consortia with local and foreign academic institutions;
  11. to enhance the partnerships with exchange programs such as schooling for the partners’ employees and trainings and industry immersions for the University students and faculty; and
  12. to create networks for programs that are holistic and beneficial not only to university stakeholders but to the local and global community as well.

Vision, Mission and Objectives


In pursuit of perfection, the University of Baguio is committed to provide balanced quality education by nurturing academic excellence, relevant social skills and ethical values in a fun learning environment.


The University of Baguio educates individuals to be empowered professionals in the global community. The UB Linkages, Alumni and Review Center offers the graduates opportunities to enhance and further their skill for advancement.


The UB Review Center aims to:

  • provide a comprehensive review program that ensures passing the licensure examination; and
  • instill the value of conforming to all moral ethics and rules set by the Professional Regulations Commission.

The UB Linkages Office aims to:

  • become the university’s dynamic node and liaison to local and global industry networking for training and employment; and
  • market the graduates as skilled, principled, responsive and responsible global workers.

The UB Alumni Office aims to:

  • act as a catalyst of alumni interaction for the promotion of goodwill and better relationship among the alumni, the university and

the community; and

  • serve as custodian of pertinent documents and records of graduates.


The University Registrar

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