Bachelor of Science in Biology

The Bachelor of Science in Biology programintegrates the latest trends in the teaching and the conduct of research in the field, promoting social responsibility. The program is structured as a generalized framework of study with the end view of grounding students with the fundamental concepts, principles, and theories of the biological, natural and physical sciences and the conduct of research. This includes the acquisition of appropriate skills and training in the efficient processing and presentation of information in both written and oral forms.


The Bachelor of Science in Biology program seeks to mold the students so they can:

  1. develop an in-depth understanding of the basic principles governing the science in life;
  2. utilize techniques and procedures relevant to biological research work in laboratory or field settings;
  3. apply basic mathematical and statistical computations and use of appropriate technologies in the analysis of biological data; and
  4. extend knowledge and critically assess current vies and theories in various areas of biological sciences.


Further, the program aims to produce graduates who:

  1. embody an attitude of lifelong-learning;
  2. develop innovative delivery of biological services;
  3. personify a life with the highest degree of ethical standards;
  4. present scientific researches nationally and internationally;
  5. ensure stewardship of nature by preserving biodiversity;and
  6. demonstrate preparedness for the medical course and graduate studies.



Graduates of the program can be employed in government or private institutions and other agencies where scientists with biological expertise are needed; engage in entrepreneurial activities; conduct research in the various areas of biology; undertake post-graduate education in biology and allied fields; or pursue a career in teaching.