Chrysanthemum (dendranthema grandiflorum) as mosquito larvae eradicator

Adrienne Jessiery Ampaguey   |  Emmanuel Jay Ragay Junior High School Ms. Daphne C. Dogcio, Adviser Abstract This study delved into the possibility of making chrysanthemum roots, leaves and flower petals as eradicators of mosquito wrigglers. Extracts of the chrysanthemum roots, leaves and flower petals soaked in 70% ethyl alcohol were […]

Hemostatic and phytochemical testing of “Peley”

Eunice A. Carpio  |  Precious Mae B. Esmeralda Princess Jeanly R. Rañeses  |  Marilyn M. Tomilas School of Natural Sciences Mrs. Teresa N. Villanueva, Adviser ABSTRACT “Peley” is a common name of a plant which belongs to a family of trees described as trifoliate and grows abundantly in Baw-ek, Taloy […]