R&DC-ECOs aims for more organized activities, planning conducted

The University of Baguio Research and Development Center-Extension and Community Outreach Services, in its pursuit to realize one of its objectives to empower the community through livelihood skills and development, and to promote human development, social awareness and concern for others, conducted a whole day planning for its upcoming activities […]

April 2011 graduation ceremonies: an evaluation

College graduation is one of the special moments the graduates and their parents cherish much. On the part of the students, it is the turning point of their lives where they stop depending on their parents and start working for their own (to some, for their families). On the part […]

Baccalaureate 2011: An Evaluation

To commence the college graduation rites, the baccalaureate was held last April 2, 2011 from 9:00 AM-10:00 AM at the UB Cardinals’ Gym. Accordingly, the activity was evaluated to determine what specifics of the program require improvement and what part/s of it should be retained. Out of the total number […]

Significant Tidbits

DIRECT INTERACTION Most effective means of persuading students to enroll in a particular institution. Source:  Determinants of College Enrollment at UB, June 2004 by Ms.  Geraldine Llanes – Leaño STRONG SENSE OF SPIRITUALITY Perceived by UB employees as the most dominant value in the University. Source:  The Organizational Culture of […]