Significant Tidbits

DIRECT INTERACTION Most effective means of persuading students to enroll in a particular institution. Source:  Determinants of College Enrollment at UB, June 2004 by Ms.  Geraldine Llanes – Leaño STRONG SENSE OF SPIRITUALITY Perceived by UB employees as the most dominant value in the University. Source:  The Organizational Culture of […]

Knowledge in Numbers

1 Development level of City Camp Lagoon along the food sector, indicating the community’s inability to sustain food need and adequate nutrition in the family Source:  Community Problems and Needs of City Camp Central, Baguio City by:  Dr. Josefina Esguerra & Dr. Agnes Bautista 7.7% Portion of blind children who […]

Utilization of Researches in the University of Baguio from 2004 to 2008

by Dyesebel L. Chinayo, MAED ABSTRACT “Bolstering the Research Culture in the University of Baguio (UB)” is the main thrust of the Research and Development Center, encouraging everybody to conduct research for improvement and development of each department, and the institution as a whole.  This paper provides information on the […]

A Faculty Workload Study of the University of Baguio

by Rhoda B. Galangco, PhD Elmer C. Eligio, PhD ABSTRACT This study was conducted during the summer term of 2010. All the faculty members were taken as respondents; however, only 62.06% participated in answering the questionnaire. Informal interviews in the form of conversations were conducted with some faculty members, program […]