Decision Factors of the University of Baguio Accountancy Students

by Kareen B. Leon, MSBA ABSTRACT The study sought to determine the factors which influence the Accountancy students in the higher year levels in continuing with their course and to provide intervention where necessary. It used the descriptive survey method of research. Results revealed that the respondents’ main reasons for […]

Performance of Second Takers in the Dentistry Licensure Examinations

by Maria Lourdes Cantor Veronica Garcia Victoria Ramolete ABSTRACT The major purpose of this study was to determine the board performance of second takers in the dentistry licensure examinations within the period of May 1997 to May 2007. This study used the ex-post-facto research design. Documentary analysis of the results […]

Retirement Perspectives: The University of Baguio Retirees in Focus

by Josefina S. Esguerra, Ed. D. ABSTRACT It was the major purpose of this study to determine the retirement perspectives among retirees of the University of Baguio. Of specific concerns are the profile of the UB retirees, their attitudes toward retirement, and the leisure-time activities preferred by UB retirees. Triangulation […]

The Situation of International Students in the University of Baguio

by Farland D. Valera, MAED ABSTRACT This research analyzed the situation of international students of the University of Baguio (UB) in terms of how they have chosen UB and the City as school and place of study, respectively. It likewise unravelled the problems that international students encounter during their transition […]