Message from R&D Director

Greetings to one and all for a new semester/new school year! In the pursuit of quality education, the three-fold function of a university: teaching, research and extension services are equally important. The interplay of these functions cannot be denied. Teaching cannot be performed well without the accumulation of information in […]

Defining Research Quality through Instrumentation

By: Jenifer L. Kuadli – Research Assistant “What makes a quality research?” is indeed a very broad question. There are many things to look at when trying to evaluate the soundness of a research output. Perhaps the starting point is to check on the validity and reliability of data employed […]

We’ve Got Facebook, Now What?

Technology is all around. The degree of technology usage and reasons for such differ among peoples and organizations and may spell the difference between success and failure. An organization’s inability to adapt and change may cause its decline.  Schools are no exception. Consequently, educational institutions, now more than ever, are […]