Difficulties of BS Nursing Students in Nursing Research

by Prof. Rhoda Galangco, Ed.D. ABSTRACT This study looked into the difficulties encountered by students enrolled in Nursing Research during the first semester of SY 2005-2006. The descriptive- survey research design was used in order to answer the specific problems. Data was taken from the 300 students who were randomly […]

The Tertiary Level Physical Education Program of the University of Baguio

by Prof. Josefina Esguerra, Ed.D. Prof. Rosemarie Estoesta, Ed.D. ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to assess the status of the tertiary Physical Education (PE) program of the University of Baguio , as of SY 2005-2006, along the following areas of concern: PE teachers, Staff development, instructional program, program […]

The Filipino Students’ concept of “who is cool in school”

by Ms. Liberty L. Catbagan, MS EDMEV ABSTRACT This phenomenological research tried to study the origin and nature of the “cool” in school concept. It made use of intensive interviews, autobiography, and focus-group discussion to gather the needed data. It turned out that the concept arises spontaneously in the consciousness […]