The Ethics Review Committee (ERC) and Institutional Ethics Review Committee (IERC) Members ERC and IERC members met last March 19, 2016 for the Re-orientation of Ethics Review Member. Dr. Lloyd V. Orduña, (Vice-President for Administration and the Chairperson of the IERC) gave a talk on the topics:  What is Ethics

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Best Health Student Research

The Best Health Student Research on its 3rd year is a proof of UB’s serious action of attaining its purpose of encouraging and enhancing research skills among the students. The two categories, Health Social Science Research and Health Development Research intend to give recognition to students who conducted exemplary researches

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Dr. Maria Grace Lacanaria, the Dean of the School of Nursing in Saint Louis University, talked on ethics in health research last September 2, 2015 at the Centennial Library. The seminar was attended by 132 undergraduate students from the School of Nursing, School of Natural Sciences, and School of Dentistry.

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The University of Baguio continues to live up to its objective of enhancing the skills of students in undertaking scientific researches as the School of dentistry bagged awards in national and international competitions this year. The study on “Use of Captioned Instructional Video as Oral Hygiene Instruction Aid for Hearing

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