The major initiatives of the R&DC are geared towards the attainment of the following goals of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)

      1. Quality and Excellence – the provision of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate researches that meet international standards of quality and excellence.
      2. Relevance and Responsiveness – dissemination of the results of the researches in the broad range of disciplines relevant and receptive to the needs of the community, region and country.
      3. Access and Equity – the provision of internal and external grants/fund to qualified researches that need financial aid.
      4. Efficiency and Effectiveness – the optimization of social, institutional and individual returns from the utilization of research outputs.

Specifically, the R&DC objectives are as follows:

    1. To develop a continuing and proactive research training program for both the personnel and the students in order to update their proficiency and competence vis-à-vis advancements and innovations in research endeavors apparent in the local, national ad international arena.
    2. To conduct researches at the departmental, institutional, local, national, or international levels to arrest pressing issues encountered in the milieu, whether in the political, economic, socio-cultural and technological scene
    3. To produce interdisciplinary research outputs of high caliber to contend with the research trends advocated by private sectors and global academic institutions.
    4. To publish and present research outputs to the community for information dissemination and further scholastic honing; thus, lead to proper organization and implementation for the holistic development of the community.