Aaron Jasper Mina Germino

by: Zorenne Basilio

Nursing career reflects choices and situational opportunities that involved in a diverse professional and social community. Mr. Aaron Jasper Mina Germino, RN, MAN is one of the many alumni who are creating names in their chosen path.

Aaron Jasper Mina Germino is from Gapan, Nueva Ecija who then took the chance to build his nursing career at the University of Baguio, School of Nursing. He graduated last March 2012 with honors. According to him, he experienced the ups and downs, the point of life where he is so vulnerable to quit but because of his alma mater, mentors, friends, and my family, taught him that quitting is never an option and will never be, that resilience is essential in the face of great adversity.

During college, Aaron was not only active in extracurricular activities but also became the SB Governor (S.Y 2010-2011 to S.Y. 2011-2012 ), and a consistent Dean's lister. He was the one who initiated the opening of the Philippine Student Nurses Association (PSNA) a non-profit organization which has different programs in helping co-students, one program is peer tutoring.

After Graduation Aaron went back to his hometown and worked as a staff nurse at Nueva Ecija Doctors Hospital for two years then became a supervisor nurse and intravenous therapy preceptor for another two years. While working he managed to finish his Master's Degree at Wesleyan University- Philippines.

Equipped with years of experience, knowledge, and determination Aaron took the opportunity to work overseas. Now he is working as an ER nurse at Doctors Hospital of Augusta, Augusta Georgia, United States of America.

"The University of Baguio, School of Nursing supported me to hone my skills as a leader, inculcated in my mind that leadership is not merely about power but the will to make a difference and transform lives. Two years of serving as a governor of the School of Nursing prepared me to become independent and dauntless which I needed when I am just starting as an emergency room nurse here in the USA. I chased my dream to become a nurse. The pathway to success is not tranquil either, but those days of hardship at school is indeed fruitful, time will come that every sacrifice will bear accomplishment and triumph in one's life. UB- SON also imparted valuable skills that will be tools for me to be a globally competitive nurse, the value of being compassionate, modest and assertive. Nowadays, professionals are not being measured through their knowledge alone, surely knowledge is a good ticket to an exceptional job but it is not a guarantee for a long term success. " Aaron stated when asked about the contribution of his Alma Mater to where he is right now. 

He also added his strong advocate for nurses to advance their degrees at their own pace, and never stop learning, because there is still so much to learn.


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