Kali Yantrel R. Martin

by: Carlo De Guzman

UB greatly impacted the current success of Kali Yantrel R. Martin creating a balanced mindset through its fun-learning environment according to her. She claimed that UB taught her how to incorporate fun in the things she did to balance both work and play. She thinks that enjoying the process is just as important as being hard at work, and this is how the University left an impact on her. She finished Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Development Management.

Ms. Martin graduated Cum Laude and with University Leadership Award, Nanay Rosa Journalism Award, and was crowned as the Miss University of Baguio 2017. She was a finalist during the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines 2019; a delegate of AmCham 2018; also, an A-BEST Outstanding Student of the Philippines in the field of Human Resource 2017. Ms. Martin also won Miss School of Business Administration and Accountancy last 2016.

Back when she was in the University, she was an active student leader. She was particularly the Minister of Outreach of the Supreme Student Council, wherein her projects involved the children in the Department of Social Welfare and Development. She was responsible for coordinating activities to reach out to them through outreach and feeding programs. After graduating, she became a part of an even greater community - the Outstanding Students of Cordillera Administrative Region, which aims to raise awareness and involve the youth in various causes.

Ms. Martin is currently working as an education consultant for their family’s business. Her job allows to work freely from anywhere, in which she usually either work from home or at a cafe, or even while travelling. She is currently based in Sydney, Australia where these pictures were taken.

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