To the path of friendship and dreams: The Life and success of the "Alumni"


by: Alicia D. Viduya UBLES

Alumni Coordinator


"There is no love beyond the love of someone who offers his life for his friend." The Lord Jesus Christ said to his disciples, and it reads in the Book of John 15:13. The principle of friendship is also evident in the Book of Amos.

"Can the two people include traveling if not to gather?" (Amos 3:3).  Friends are the same thinking. A friend is someone you can have with your attitude with all your confidence. A friend is someone who inspires you and is being addressed to achieve your purpose.  These traits were shown by two "alumni" of  the University of Baguio Laboratory Elementary School (UBLES) Angela Betsaida Beltran Laguipo and Rhoda Mae Esguerra Yu.

 Their story as friends when they were in Elementary.They were found to be in elementary school of skill and ingenuity. As little friends they love music and arts. Both of them love dancing, so they have become increasingly close to each other. They graduated from elementary school in March 2000. vBetsaida was named as the class "Valedictorian" and Rhoda Mae, the  class "Salutatorian."  Their paths were changed as they attended high school separately. Rhoda Mae entered the University of Baguio Preparatory High School (UBPHS) while Betsaida attended the University of Baguio Science High School (UBSHS). Even though different schools have remained their friendship. Both took the path of success in high school. Rhoda Mae became active in their school's leader and became proficient in the academic aspect of high school. It was also Betsaida that he continued to thoroughly study. So both of them have been ripping.

After graduating high school, their friendship has not changed. The they took same course at the University of Baguio College of Nursing. They did not change their purpose by walking their way of achieving their dreams. They both ended the Bachelor of Arts in Nursing course. Betsaida ended up as “Cumlaude” and Rhoda Mae as “Honorable Mention” awardees.

 In the long course of their friendship. Destiny has tested their path without a form of good frienship. Both confronted their successful arms. Currently, they are both nurses and online medical writers. They are happily united with their families. Their friendship never changed even though they have both responsibilities as wives and mothers.

According to them, “A person's success is not measured to exaltation but is measured by the values you share with others. “ As nurses, the service they give to people is their best weapon to deal with all their professional trials. It is also important that they share time and love to guide each other and to lean on each other in times when they need someone to lean on. According to them, their friendship was passed on to their children. 

This is the inspiration that other alumni can get from the story of the old friends in UBLES that seasons strengthen. They were very young students before but are currently the lights of their home and help the community in providing health services.

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