By Alicia D. Viduya, School Alumni Relations Coordinator




Triumphs Over Challenges: The Athlete in a Radiologic Technologist

Craemer Juris Rosales Quiambao grew up believing that others come first and it was his responsibility to help those in need. Being compassionate at all times must be the greatest principle for all men.

He was born on June 08 in San Fernando, Pampanga to a family of six,including him, his parents and three siblings.

At a young age, his passion for taekwondo was noticed such that in his elementary years, that passion was cultivated all the more. He started his elementary years in Saint Louis


School Center then transferred to UBLES in 2008. In UBLES he was given a full scholarship because of his skills as varsity player in taekwondo. His experiences in his taekwondo trainings and competitions taught him the value of discipline, determination, perseverance and strength. In 2010, he finished his elementary level and graduated with awards; Boy scout of the Year, Athlete of the Year, and Excellence Awards in various subjects.  

His academic skills and non-academic skills were extremely enhanced when he enrolled in the UB Science High School. He was given full scholarship through the University Scholarship and University Varsity Player. He graduated in 2015 and received the awards such as Youth Development Training Team Leader, Athletic Awards for multiple years, Most Outstanding Athlete, and Loyalty Award.

Where among other things, he was introduced to the study of Radiologic Technology in Saint Louis University. He finished Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology in 2019.

    Having passed the Radiologic Technology Licensure examination on July 2019, Juris embraced the opportunity for continued learning and experiences.

He has accepted a position as a Radiologic Technologist at Makati Medical Center and now realizes the path he has taken is a special one.  In his own words, “ Ever since the start of COVID-19 outbreak, toxicity, challenges and struggles are always present since patients are getting bigger and bigger. I became a Person Under Investigation and completed a 14-day quarantine. By God’s grace, I tested negative from the virus. Exposing from the different kind of patients is the most challenging part for we don’t know what may come next.”

Juris, who first came to UBLES at the age of 10 said it was that time at the school that helped him continue to grow.  He affirmed that everyone learns differently, and Juris continued, “I came to have a new experience in UBLES because it catered to my unique learning style; other places couldn’t do that for me and that stifled my ability to grow. My experience took me to the time to understand how I was different then gave me the tools to be successful.  UBLES helped me to overcome obstacles by making me competent enough and holistically developed for this kind of situation I have now in my profession. UBLES helped me realize that our lives won’t stop in the four corners of our classroom.”

 He never really thought of his situation as unique, nor thought he’d overcome that much adversity.  Now that Juris is starting to reap success in his profession, he wants to remind his fellow UBians.  He shares,  “Being compassionate at all times is very important, for we all don’t know what is waiting for us outside our university doors and at the end of the day, all our problems are easily solved and fixed if we work hand in hand.”  Juris’s life and experiences are indeed something that every UB student can learn from as they start to build their dreams and travel their roads to success. 



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