10 UB graduates deployed as nurse trainees

10 UB graduates deployed as nurse trainees

 The nurse trainees from UB, photographed here with some faculty members of the UB School of Nursing and representatives from the 

Cardinal Santos Medical Center, signed their pre-employment contract last Jan. 30. 



Ten Nursing graduates of the University of Baguio (UB) have been deployed as nurse trainees at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan, Manila last January.


This was after UB and Cardinal Santos Medical Center signed an agreement that seeks to “assist future healthcare professionals in developing competencies that will prepare them for hospital experience and form a pool of healthcare professionals that will address manpower needs.”


The nurse trainees will be endorsed for the formal probationary period and will undergo clinical on-boarding phase required for staff nurses. They will then be evaluated to determine their eligibility for regularization. Those who will pass the evaluation will be recommended for regularization as staff nurse.


Prior to their deployment, the 10 UB nurse trainees completed the pre-hiring process which included human resource examination, nursing technical examination and interviews.


The agreement was signed last Jan. 30.







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