2 student research projects to compete in DOST contest



Two student research projects are up to compete in the 2017 Regional Invention Contest and Exhibit of the Department of Science and Technology scheduled on Nov. 6-8 at the Baguio Convention Center with the theme “Invention and Innovation for the People.”


The said two research projects – which are under the UB School of Engineering and Architecture – will compete under the Creative Research (Sibol) Award category.


The first project, “Windmill as an Alternative Power Source: A Reinvention,” explores windmill as an alternative power source, generating reliable and stable electricity at a cheaper price.


The other project, the “Robotic Bartending Machine,” is a typical robot that has mixing and dispensing fluid application. It performs the task of a bartender, having the capacity to mix fluids. You just have to pick the type of cocktail and mocktail to be mixed in the programmed menu.


The robotic bartending machine uses peristaltic pump interface with Arduino, a microcontroller board that uses USB cable to connect it to the computer to get it started.


The project is inspired by the increasing number of health hazard cases caused by unsanitary ways of food processing which mainly involves liquid being in contact with the mechanical part of the motor.


Jan Adrian Cabbigat, Melva Cawid, Grace Labasen, John Carlo Galapon, and Dave Jon Pitok constitute the group for both projects. Engr. Romulos Amistad serves as the adviser.





The windmill project, which can be an alternative source of electricity




The robotic bartending machine, which can mix cocktails





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