A Moment of Closing, A Beginning of Something

From day one of freshmen year to the final day of college year, many memorable days lie in between. The feeling of first entering college becomes a distant memory.


Each year brings a new sense of insight and confidence to face the challenges of college life. Within every individual grows a unique personality that continues to grow with each passing year.


Beginning as a freshman, the struggle to make new friends can be difficult while trying to balance the weight of classes. The day of graduation seems a century ahead. As sophomore year rolls in, students feel a sense of confidence after going through the trials of freshmen year.  For juniors, the pressure of college and grades becomes stressful as they take into consideration their career ahead. The final year is the last stretch of homework and projects.


College represents a time of many “firsts” that will become memories that graduates will forever remember for the rest of their lives. The advice from the teachers will forever be etched into their minds. College prepares students with the needed wisdom and tools for adult life.


Many late nights and coffee runs later, the student has successfully completed the required hours of hard work. What lies ahead begins a new adventure. We hold a new sense of hope for what the pathway will be like in the future.


Graduation becomes one last celebration to remember the good times and all the hard work spent. The music plays as graduates walk toward the stage, tassels bouncing in a rhythmic motion with each step taken. Beneath each black cap is a student with a smile from ear to ear. Others shed happy tears for the most anticipated day of college, graduation. Side by side, parents hold cameras, eager to catch every minute. The day has finally arrived; the memory of every parent’s baby entering kindergarten flickers in the minds of parents as the graduates accept their individual diplomas. In the blink of an eye, everything will become a memory. Another story is imprinted into our hearts. New experiences wait ahead – a new beginning, new story, new chapter.


– Amor Fe Baliton





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