Architecture stude wins in reg’l invention contest

From left: Engr. Jefferd Saong, dean of the UB School of Engineering and Architecture; Inoc Broncano;

UB president Engr. Javier Herminio Bautista; and Dr. Marilou Saong, director of the

UB Research and Development Center



Inoc Broncano, a student of the University of Baguio School of Engineering and Architecture, was hailed the regional winner under the Creative Research category during the 2019 Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits held at Bontoc, Mt. Province on Nov. 19-20.


Broncano’s entry – a double load radial roller bearing – was awarded the Likha Award at the event.


The bearing is mostly used in mechanical industries. In general, ball bearings are used in most applications that involve moving parts. An example is the skateboard wheel which contains two bearings. Another example is the yo-yo, which consists of an axle connected to two disks. More technically, bearings are used in centrifugal pumps, which are used to transport fluids by the conversion of rotational kinetic energy to the hydrodynamic energy of the fluid flow.


Broncano’s entry incorporates a mechanism that distributes the load between the two halves of the bearing. Most bearings being used today employ a mechanism which places the load on only one side of the bearing, which overloads the outer race and the inner race and the balls or rollers as the bearing rotates. As a result, friction between the ball or bearing and the races is produced and heat is emitted, consuming the lubricant faster. The mechanism in Broncano’s entry then aims to lengthen the lifespan of the lubricant and prolong the usability of the bearing.


Broncano is working on securing rights for his invention with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.


Broncano, with his entry, will compete in the national level of the event in June next year.


Organized by the Technology Application and Promotion Institute and the Department of Science Technology – Cordillera Administrative Region, the event had the theme “Science for the People: Inventions and Innovations for Sustainable Development.”






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