Being an Accounting Student

I am a graduating accounting student here in the University. I didn’t really choose this course. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a newscaster. But as time went on, I discovered I also possess the skills needed in this profession. My parents instilled in me logical thinking and practicality from a very young age. They taught me to make intelligent choices in life.


Logically, I entered college because I want to have a nice-paying job in the future. Companies will always need people to handle their finances and will pay good money for someone to do so, that’s why I am pursuing a major in a field that is in high demand and will most likely be in high demand for years to come.


That I will never out of a decent-paying job isn’t the only motivation for me to finish an accounting degree. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I consider myself a practical individual. I realized that in order for one to lead a fulfilling life, one must take a certain pride and glean some enjoyment from one’s work. The mathematical nature of accounting, the right or wrong of it, balancing books, and tracing a company’s cash flows excite and interest me. I may be logical and practical, but I truly believe that someone can have a successful career that is personally fulfilling. I was always taught that if one spends time and effort for what he or she does, then there is no reason not to succeed.


– Amor Fe Baliton





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