Breach That Fourth Wall

Editor’s Note: The following essay won first place in the essay writing competition with the topic “Social Media as a Medium for Healing and Change” during the UB Academic Olympics held on September 29-30, 2016. It was lightly edited for clarity.






Communication is one of the basic elements of human interaction. When we communicate, we share ideas, feelings, opinions and many more. Through communication, people are able to eliminate barriers and have a better understanding of each other.


In this day and age, we can easily communicate through the use of social media. We can simply post our thoughts and receive feedbacks from all over the world. Regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative, these feedbacks help widen our perspective.


Most teens these days use social media to rant about their problems. Even though they tend to only attract bashers, they continue to speak up about their current woes. This is because it has become a lot easier to post online instead of looking for someone to talk to. Also, just being able to have a platform to release pent-up feelings has become greatly appreciated by those who can’t turn to anyone.


Instead of frowning upon the dependency of teens on social media, we could actually try to take advantage of it. Parents would often tell their teens that they are not alone; the problem is that these teens do feel alone, that is why they are willing to publicly post their troubles online. How can we change this? By showing people that social media is not only a platform for dramatic photos with even more dramatic captions but also an outlet for extending a helping hand.


The accessibility of social media opens the door for individuals or agencies who wish to help others. Social media can now be a way to help the less fortunate and those who are struggling to overcome their distressing circumstances. By opening the door for so many opportunities, it has potentially become one of the greatest inventions in human history. – Lualou Joy Kitong



Lualou Joy Kitong is a sophomore BA English student of the University of Baguio.





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