Christmas Cantata 2019: The Nativity Cast



The University of Baguio (UB) Christmas Cantata is one of the most awaited major events in the university.


Among the most anticipated characters in the ensemble are the characters in “The Nativity.”


Pupils from the University of Baguio elementary students comprised this year’s Nativity cast.


The premiere show was held on December 4. Lights and voices rendered a fascinating atmosphere at the UB Gym during the show.  


Young Blessed Virgin Mary was portrayed by Chelsea Fianna Samson,  a Grade 6 student who is the president of the UBLES Supreme Pupil Government and also the class president of Grade 6-Jasper. She is also a member of the Omalohokan broadcasting team. Joseph was played by Zurich Brett Madrid from Grade 5-Tanzanite,  who portrayed the role of Zeus during the 2019 UB Halloween Parade.


Meanwhile, Angel Gabriel was portrayed by Jyzter Zachary Catungal from Grade 5-Moonstone, a taekwondo player. The three kings were played by 5th Graders Daniel Nico Andrei Viduya, Marvic Cenn Lucas and Keith Bajo. The shepherds were played by 6th Graders Tayshaun Abaya, Marc Dalino, Ian Diego, Aaron Bugtong and Lekthor Pilo.


Moreover, the inn keepers were portrayed by Zhantelle Wynona Litilit and Rommel Verganio from 5-Carnelian while the Little Drummer Boy was portrayed by Kurt Matthew Carayao from Grade 6-Beryl, who is a drum set player and a former member of the Drum and Lyre Corp.


The narrators – Xander Am-una (Latin), Haruko Alangui (English), Lynel Odasco (third reader), Ruechell Princess Millora (fourth reader), Ashley Teng (fifth reader), Ida Lopez (sixth reader) and Arianne Keith Tamayo (seventh reader) – are broadcasting members of UBLES Gazetteer and Omalohokan clubs.


The UBLES cast was selected through auditions by Alicia Viduya, activity coordinator of UBLES, and Yoko Macario, assistant coordinator. The costumes were prepared by the student assistants of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and Shirley Diño, the University activity coordinator. Make-up was also provided by OSA. Alicia Viduya







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