Dentistry, alumni conduct joint seminar

Dr. Schneider of the Zurich University in Switzerland demonstrates how the Cention N filling material is used.


The University of Baguio (UB) School of Dentistry (SD) and the UBSD Alumni Association have recently collaborated to conduct its first-ever joint seminar at the UB Centennial Hall last Sept.18.


The seminar featured the lecture of Dr. Philipp Schneider, an assistant professor in Zurich University in Switzerland and a consultant of the dental company Ivoclar Vivadent, on the viability of Cention N as alternative to amalgam restoration. 


Dental amalgam is a restorative material which is still being used widely due to its ease of use, appropriate mechanical and bacteriostatic properties and cost-effectiveness.


However, in an initiative to reduce the use of mercury, the United Nations Environment Program has designed the Minamata Convention – also referred to as the Treaty on Mercury – which mandates member states to commit themselves to reducing the use of amalgam and promoting the development of alternatives. The Philippines and Switzerland are signatories to the Convention.


Cention N, developed by Ivoclar Vivadent, is a viable replacement for amalgam. It is a cost-effective, chemical self-curing innovative powder-liquid metal-free filling material. 


Dr. Schneider discussed the physical, chemical and other properties of Cention N. He also demonstrated how the filling material is used. The participants took turns in mixing the filling material.


Students, faculty members, and alumni of UBSD attended the event. 


The seminar concluded with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between UBSD and Alphadent, a Manila-based dental company, with the aim of forging mutual cooperation in both academic and research endeavors. – Dr. Ruthgar Tecson


Dr. Ruthgar Tecson is the alumni coordinator of the UB School of Dentistry.


Students, faculty members, and alumni of the UB School of Dentistry attended the seminar.

The event concluded with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the UB School of Dentistry and the dental company Alphadent.
Here, Dr. Ian Steve Bandaay, dean of the UB School of Dentistry, and Jhune Santiago of Alphadent sign the memorandum.


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