Domino Effect of Opportunities





Life as a college student is tough. Most of us, if not all, will agree to this. But with all the hardships I faced in my college years, I have survived the School of Business Administration and Accountancy (SBAA) life. I know that in whatever we do, wherever we go, we go through ups and downs. Here in SBAA, it was a roller coaster ride, a lot of downs but overpowered by ups. I can say that here in SBAA I was able to grow and gain confidence. I grabbed a lot of opportunities which made my stay memorable.



I would say my first year in college hasn’t been as smooth as people who know me would assume. I was known to be quite anti-social in high school, a trait I brought with me till the end of my college days. I was quiet and kept a low profile to the point that people only found out who I was at the final term of first semester during my first year. I felt isolated when people didn’t talk to me; I felt that it’s because I spoke fluent English which intimidated most of my classmates and which made me a difficult person to approach. So whenever I was out of my house, I only had two destinations: my classes and my father’s office. But eventually, I was able to grow from this during my stay in SBAA. I gained friends. I gained confidence.



The first step I took was becoming an officer of OFE. I volunteered as an officer when my block section’s adviser said that we needed to have a representative and no one else wanted to. From there, from being a business manager, I went on to become the president the following semester. That opened more opportunities for me. I would participate in organizing seminars and would attend events of the school that made me learn things I would have never learned in class lectures. I also learned how to balance responsibilities in my extra-curricular activities and in my academics. Being part of a student organization enabled me to push myself beyond my comfort zone. It taught me how to converse and be comfortable with others. I became more approachable, which made it easy for students to get a sure-attender of their Professional English (ENGLSH5) requirement seminar. These events afforded me a lot of certificates that gave me a hard time in limiting my Business English (BUSENG1) portfolio into two pages.



Before, because of my personality, most of my classmates in my minor subjects assumed that I was an Accountancy student. It usually surprised them whenever I told them that I was majoring in Marketing (which was the major that my parents suggested me to take, since Marketing has the most interaction and communication among the majors). But after being exposed to student organization activities, I was able to shift my personality, and it afforded me good marks in class presentations. Now, not only am I seen as a student beaming with confidence, but also a student who can be relied on especially in group works. Usually, I would be made leader in a group, but I would always let them reconsider and offer the position to anyone interested. I can say that it is my simple way of passing the opportunity in the hope of encouraging a domino effect of opportunities. – Joei Beatrix Bautista








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