First batch of Senior High graduates mark ‘historical milestone’ in Philippine education



  More than 1,500 graduates marched during the Senior High graduation rites at the UB Gym.



The first batch of University of Baguio (UB) Senior High students graduated on May 21-22 at the UB Gym, marking a significant moment in education in the country.


Over 1,500 graduates marched at the graduation rites, an occasion which UB president Dr. Dhanna Kerina Rodas – who participated in the drafting of the implementing rules and regulations for K to 12 – called a “historical milestone.”


“The preparation[s] for [the K to 12 curriculum go years back], and you are very blessed. [You are] lucky that [you] have this program to nurture [you] and prepare [you] for a college program. During our time, at 16, I was already in college, and we already had to step up. [You are lucky that] you have the chance to develop your skills,” she said while addressing the graduates during the rites.


“UB worked very hard to design and deliver the programs to make sure that you will be prepared for the next hurdle… I’m very sure that you’re equipped to handle the next years of coursework,” she said.


She emphasized alignment of competency and job requirement for those who opt to enter the workforce after high school. “[Consider] your competence and [recognize] the needs [that have to be addressed] so that you can prepare for the level of expertise required in the job your aspire for. Self-assessment is key, so you have to get to know yourself very well. I believe you were already guided by your counselors and your teachers towards this end.”


Stressing a particular premise she derived from her grandfather, UB founder Dr. Fernando Bautista, she further touched on the “rule of slight edge.” “[The] little changes, slight changes [that we accomplish] everyday towards improvement make a big difference. As we go along, all the slight changes add up to a really big change,” she said.


“It can work wonders for you,” she added. 


With high hopes for the graduates, she urged them “to aspire to be experts and specialists in [their respective] field[s] of interest, competent in [their] chosen profession[s].”


She concluded with warm cheers, expressing pride as she told them, “I believe you can actualize your aspirations.”



Scroll down for more photos from the event. All photos by the UB Media Affairs and Publications Office.




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 UB president Dr. Dhanna Kerina Rodas addressing the graduates 


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  The graduates take their pledge of loyalty.



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 UB president Dr. Rodas presenting a graduate his diploma


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  Dr. Jocelyn Alimondo, principal of the UB Senior High School, awarding a certificate to a graduate


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