Fourth batch of Forensic Science graduates to march in May

In June 2013, the University of Baguio opened the Bachelor of Forensic Science program, the first in the Philippines.


The estimated number of the first batch of enrollees was 230 (200 freshmen and 30 professionals). The first batch of graduates marched in December 2015, where seven have graduated, all of them second coursers. One of them graduated as cum laude. She is Gladys Marcelo, who is currently teaching in the institution and designated as the Forensic Science Internship Coordinator.


In the second batch, six graduated in May 2016, also second coursers. Divine Awal was the cum laude in the batch. In December 2016, 22 graduated with three finishing as cum laude namely Rolly Herida, Jr., Tammy Baby Crosby, and Gellie Dimapilis.


The fourth batch, with a tentative number of 49 graduates, is expected to march in May 2017. – Sylvia Carame and Marish Leen Pagulayan



Sylvia Carame and Marish Leen Pagulayan are senior BS Forensic Science students of the University of Baguio.





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