Inside a Topnotcher’s Mind



UB alum Jenny Dawn Valdez on being a topnotcher: ‘It’s not really all about intelligence’


UB alumna Jenny Dawn Valdez, September 2015



When Jenny Dawn Valdez took the August 2015 Sanitary Engineer Licensure Examination, she had no idea she would be a topnotcher.  “I even feared I wouldn’t pass,” she says. The minute she walked into the exam room, her future changed forever.


Jenny’s father works as a farmer; her mother works as a helper in Hongkong. Now, she wants to take charge. “I want them to finally rest from all the working,” she says. “My sister and I are now finished with college, so I guess it’s time they took the break they so much deserve.”


“When I finished high school, I wanted to study linguistics or botany. But we couldn’t afford it. And then UB has this scholarship for its engineering programs. I couldn’t let opportunity slip,” she says.


Double-majoring in civil and sanitary engineering, Jenny would later graduate cum laude. In March last year, she graduated cum laude from the BS Civil Engineering program, together with her twin, Jenya Dan, who also finished as cum laude for BS Accountancy. And then last May, she graduated from the BS Sanitary Engineering program cum laude.


With her nailing the sanitary engineering exam, she now holds two degrees in engineering. In December last year, she passed the licensure examination for civil engineers. “I’ll be practicing engineering anytime soon,” she says.


“I have always wanted to work on pollution control – air pollution, water pollution, ventilation, that sort.”


In the end, it’s not really all about intelligence, she says. “You have put in hard work and determination. Those two make it work.”












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