Int’l OJT: Memphis, Tennessee

Editor's Note: The University of Baguio deploys its Hotel & Restaurant Management and Tourism students in establishments in the country and abroad for its local and international on-the-job training program. For over five years, UB has deployed more than 200 trainees in more than three countries across Asia and America. In the following article, UB trainee Macaullay Raquel shares his experience training at the Peabody Memphis in Tennessee, U.S.A. from June 2018 to June 2019.





Macaullay with his co-interns from the University of Baguio, Merrill Banasen and Lesley Andres,

with the Peabody Memphis Food and Beverage Department crew




It has been a privilege to have my international on-the-job training (IOJT) at the Peabody Memphis in Tennessee, USA.



My internship helped me grow professionally and as an individual. It gave me the chance to meet new people, work with them, and, most importantly, learn from their stories. 



The Peabody Memphis assigned us tasks that challenged us to strive for excellence.  The experience gave me a platform to practice what I learned from school. It allowed me to learn new knowledge and hone my skills particularly in the hospitality and tourism industry.



My IOJT also paved way for travelling. I had the chance to tick off some boxes on my list, as going from one state to another proved convenient. It has been surreal to visit some cities in the States, particularly New York, described as a concrete jungle where dreams are made of, complete with all the skyscrapers and vibrant lights.



Also, in my stay in Tennessee, I got the chance to be among the crowds in basketball and baseball arenas. I likewise had the chance to watch some play in a theatre. In addition, I ran a marathon and attended an outdoor festival.



Having my international on-the-job training in the USA is a huge milestone in my life by far and experiencing the American dream for a year is a precious memory I’m keeping forever. 



Photos courtesy of Macaullay Raquel



Watching a production of Les Miserables  at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis



Breaking some sweat at the Great American River Run in Tennessee



Hanging out at Disneyland in California



At the Tennessee NBA court, home of the Memphis Grizzlies 



Tennessee's version of the Parthenon, Nashville



At the famed Malibu beach, California



The "City that never sleeps," New York 



Brooklyn Bridge, New York








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