International cuisines showcased




Nigerian UB students demonstrate preparations for a recipe.




A multi-cultural culinary interaction showcasing some international cuisines was organized last May 3 at the University of Baguio (UB) Student Center. 



Dishes from around the world were prepared by the UB International Students’ Association, as follows: 


Breakfast presentation: fūl (Egypt)

Prepared by Alaa Abdulatty and Ruba Ahmed


Snack presentation: chinchin (Nigeria)

Prepared by Raheemat Oladeji


Brunch presentation: sushi

Prepared by Alexander Fores


Marao and caanjelo (Somalia)

Prepared by Bahja Mohamed


Lunch presentation: biryani (Myanmar)

Prepared by Naw Tun Aung


Dinner presentation: gurasa (Sudan) with melon dessert

Prepared by Samar Ali


Arabian coffee

Prepared by Hussein Al-azham


Dinner presentation: chicken fajita (Yemen) 

Prepared by Hussein Al-azham




The dishes were served after the respective presentations. Students and faculty members from Baguio and La Trinidad schools attended the activity. 



The event is part of the Luzon Culture and Arts Festival project of the UB Alumni Foundation Inc., which carries the theme “Multiculturalism and Ethnic Identity: Experiencing Authenticity in the City.” The project is funded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. 



The activity was co-organized by the UB Research and Development Center.



Scroll down for more photos from the event. All photos by Oliver Celi/UB Research and Development Center 




 Ruba Ahmed (Sudan) and Alaa Abdulatty (Egypt) discuss how the fūl recipe is prepared.



Fūl, a protein-charged staple food in Egypt and among Arabic communities, is prepared with mashed fava beans.

It is ideally consumed for breakfast.



The dish is distributed for tasting.



 Naw Tun Aung presents the biryani rice dish, the featured recipe for lunch.



Chicken fajita, usually served for dinner



Chicken fajita being served at the event



The dishes were served following the respective presentations.





Arabian coffee was also served at the event.



 The multi-cultural culinary interaction was spearheaded by the UB International Students' Association (ISA), shown here with

ISA adviser Shirley Diño (second from left), and the UB Research and Development Center

headed by Dr. Rhoda Basco-Galangco (extreme right).










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