How do we handle our breaking point, a point where we have to give up? 


Life doesn’t come in instructions and free easy coupons. We all know that even the richest, prettiest, smartest, most popular, strongest and talented people go through mishaps in life. We all go through that moment in life where we just want to lock ourselves out of reality and just isolate ourselves from the world. But that shouldn’t stop us from doing what we love – whether we got rejected and told we are never good enough. It shouldn’t be a reason for us to shut ourselves out of life’s open arms and opportunities.


It’s okay to feel sad and cry, but keep in mind that it shouldn’t manipulate everything and take over your entire being. Feelings are temporary, and remember to keep in mind that letting something temporary take over you is never a good thing. What people say about you doesn’t matter. “Never give up” would be the most cliché advice you’d get from anyone, but it is very accurate to a lot of things.


Focus on what’s positive in life rather than complaining about the bad things that’s always been in the whole package of life, because nobody ever mentioned anything about how life is just an easy deal. The only limit we have in life is when we let our feelings stop us from living and each person’s breaking point only depends on how he/she would be strong enough to deal with a problem. Life isn’t all smiles and warmth. If it was, there would be no excitement at all. While it is as puzzling as a math equation, there are countless ways to get by.  And at the end of the day, no matter what life throws at you, know that life too gives you reasons to carry on and never give up. – Tristan Kyle Layug & Mark Lorie Soriano



Tristan Kyle Layug and Mark Lorie Soriano are senior BSBA – Marketing Management students of the University of Baguio.






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