Love for art, food

 (Photos courtesy of Elaine Mae Epie and Natazzia Aleksandrea Owek)



You must have heard someone tell you “food is life.” A slice of a chocolate mousse and a milk tea or a pizza with side dishes with the caption #FoodIsLife is popular on social media. A distinctive cultural food with the caption “travel is life, food is lifer” is equally common in the digital platform.  We use these phrases to describe our satisfaction and excitement about the food we’re discovering. But did we ever wonder how these recipes are prepared?



The food recipes are prepared by passionate individuals who have this big love for cooking. They’re on a mission to satisfy the cravings of their customers. As graduating students of hotel and restaurant and tourism, respectively, we have learned about this. We have learned that knowing every tiny detail food preparation and handling is important. In our training in the U.S., we had the opportunity to experience first-hand the activities in each station of the kitchen. With our training, we were able to enhance our knowledge and skills in our field.



We aspire to make and create our own recipes from the foundation we have started to build upon – from the theories we learned inside the classroom to our international on-the-job training. As future professionals, we vow to deliver with a wow factor.



What makes the culinary experience exciting is that it allows you to let people enjoy what you have created out of passion, determination, and love for art and cooking. More importantly, it gives you the ability to share and inspire others to create their own. – Elaine Mae Epie and Natazzia Aleksandrea Owek 



Elaine Mae Epie and Natazzia Aleksandrea Owek are graduating students of the University of Baguio School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management.




Elaine Mae preparing food at her training in the U.S.



Elaine Mae at the kitchen during her internship









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