Master Chef features vegan recipes


 Renowned chef Lau orients a team of students at the eighth staging of the Master Chef.



On its eighth year, the Master Chef series took on the vegan ingredient, uncovering some of the most interesting vegetable dishes. 



The event, held last Feb. 26 at the University of Baguio UB School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management main kitchen, was graced by famed chef couple Rolando "Lau" Laudico and Jacqueline "Jacky" Laudico.



The recipes prepared were the following: sugarbeet salad with grilled capsicum dressing (appetizer), zucarrot pasta with salsa verde and tomato medley sauce (main dish), tokwa tokwa steak with bellpepper stuffed with sweet potato, yakum and butternut squash filling (main dish), and sweet potato cake with nutter cream frosting topped with candied camote (dessert).



Scroll down to see photos from the event. Photos by the UB Media Affairs and Publications Office/Donald Rentiquiano & Rene Pascua



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Chef Lau demonstrates proper slicing. 


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While the dish preparation by the students was ongoing, Chef Lau went around giving some insights. 


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Chef Lau and UB's chef Maricris Agas, who cooked for President Rodrigo Duterte during the latter's visit in Baguio last year


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Pastry chef Jacky Laudico gives some introduction before the demonstration.


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Chef Jacky answers questions from the students.


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 The event, which was first held in 2012, ran on its eighth year.







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