Mr. & Ms. UB International 2017 held




Ms. UB International 2017 Raheemat Oladeji and Ms. UB International 2016 Ayat Abdelaty



In celebration of the United Nations (UN) Day, the Mr. and Ms. UB International 2017 was held at the Centennial Hall last Nov. 13.


Raheemat Oladeji from Nigeria was crowned as Ms. International 2017 while Khu Thoe Reh Vittar from Myanmar was hailed as Mr. International 2017. 


The full results are as follows:


Mr. International 1st Runner-Up: Leamory Yosuastel (Indonesia)

Ms. International 1st Runner-Up: Rebecca Ann Matillano (U.S.A.)

Mr. International 2nd Runner-Up: Jeong-Geun Yung (Korea)

Ms. International 2nd Runner-Up: Ha Eun Yoon (Korea)

Mr. International 3rd Runner-Up: Hussein Al-aznam (Saudi Arabia)

Ms. International 3rd Runner-Up: Nao Takemura Danganan (Japan)


Special Awards

Best in Talent (Male): Leamory Yosuastel

Best in Talent (Female): Ha Eun Yoon


Best in National Costume (Male): Leamory Yosuastel

Best in National Costume (Female): Nao Takemura Danganan


Best in Sportswear (Male): Khu Thoe Reh Vittar

Best in Sportswear (Female): Nao Takemura Danganan


Darling of the Crowd (Male): Leamory Yosuastel

Darling of the Crowd (Female): Nao Takemura Danganan


Mr. Congeniality: Khu Thoe Reh Vittar

Ms. Congeniality: Ha Eun Yoon



Dr. Esmeralda Gatchallan, UB’s vice president for institutional and external affairs, opened the program. “A gathering such as this spells our support and respect for cultural diversity,” she remarked.


A parade of costumes also highlighted the event. The fashion show was set against a backdrop of the world’s flags.


The activity was spearheaded by the UB International Students’ Association. Shirley Diño serves as the organization’s adviser.


Currently, an estimated 180 foreign students are enrolled in the University.


The United Nations Day is observed on the 24th day of October every year. The event celebrates the friendship and partnership among the member countries of UN.


The Philippines is among the founding member countries of UN, which was officially formed in 1945.


Among others, UN works on “promoting and facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, civil rights, civil liberties, political freedoms, democracy, and the achievement of lasting world peace.” 




Ruba Ahmed (Sudan) and Wedad Alqiqie (Jordan) hosted the event.



Ms. UB International 2016 Ayat Abdelaty during her final walk






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