One World, One Love: Celebrating the Colours of the World


More than an activity, the United Nations Day is a platform for championing respect for and appreciation of the diversity of the world’s cultures.


This year’s celebration at the University of Baguio (UB) centered around the theme “One World, One Love: Celebrating the Colours of the World.”


Held at the UB Gym on Oct. 25, the event was highlighted by an international food fair, a presentation featuring some of the world’s cultural costumes, and the Search for Mr. and Miss United Nations.


Scroll down to see photos from the event.

Photos by Rene Pascua / UB Media Affairs and Publications Office and Rodel Sasa / Zephotographs



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The induction of the officers of the International Students' Association, who organized the event, kicked off the program.


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Ruba Ahmed (Sudan) and Diwa Mitchell (U.S.A.) hosted the fashion show which showcased some of the world's cultural costumes. 


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Male international students sported their respective countries' national costumes at the presentation of the world's traditional costumes.

From left: U.S.A., Middle East, Middle East


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Female international students likewise donned their respective national costumes. From left: Philippines, Middle East, Nigeria


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From left: Middle East, Japan, Japan


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Two forms of Pakistani costumes


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Left: Middle East; right: Nigeria


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 A candidate is interviewed by Jojo Padilla (U.S.A.), who served as one of the hosts at the event, during the talent portion of the pageant.


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Haruna Nishi (Japan), Miss United Nations 2019

Special Award: National Costume Award

Life principle: Never settle for less.

Most memorable life experience: Moving to the Philippines.


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Andrea Velasco (U.S.A. – Philippines), First Runner-Up

Special Awards: Miss Talent, Miss Congeniality

Life principle: Never give up.

Most memorable life experience: Studying here in the Philippines and learning about my roots.

Also, learning about the different cultures particularly the variety of dialects here in the Philippines.


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 Jeon Boram (South Korea), Second Runner-Up

Most memorable life experience: Coming to the Philippines. I just love the experience.


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From left: Jeon Boram (South Korea), Second Runner Up; Haruna Nishi (Japan), Miss United Nations 2019; and Andrea Velasco (U.S.A. - Philippines), First Runner-Up 


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Sang Gi Choi (South Korea), Mr. United Nations 2019

Special Award: Mr. Talent

Life principle: No pain, no gain.

Most memorable life experience: When I was in the army back in South Korea. 


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Ojuawo Mayowa Olalekan (Nigeria), First Runner-Up

Special Award: National Costume Award 

Life principle: Know what you want, why you want it, and how you’ll get it.

Wildest dream: Build an orphanage and care for the people in need.


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Majed Mohammed Abumazyad (Palestine), Second Runner-Up

Special Award: Mr. Congeniality

Life principle: Always do good.

Most memorable life experience: Coming to the Philippines – a different country, different city,  different life. I am learning a lot and I'm having wonderful memories,

especially with the people here, and I'm loving school life.  


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From left: Ojuawo Mayowa Olalekan (Nigeria), First Runner-Up; Majed Mohammed Abumazyad (Palestine), Second Runner-Up; and 

Sang Gi Choi (South Korea), Mr. United Nations 2019  


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The female candidates in their national costume. Left: Aya Yousri (Sudan); rightRamandeep Jeerh (India)


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From left: Amna Salah Ali (Sudan); Neide Cem (Angola);  and Abeer Mohammed Hersi (Somalia – Saudi Arabia)


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The male contestants in their national costume. From left: Ahmed Abdulkadir Alamin (Eritrea)Mohamed Elhussain Ali (Sudan)Bong Soo Kim (South Korea); 

Abdulrahman Musa Abdalla (Sudan); Sang Gi Choi (South Korea); and Majed Mohammed Abumazyad (Palestine)   


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  The pageant winners with Miss United Nations 2018 Anne Brant (U.S.A.) and Amado Orden, director of the Office of Student Affairs




"We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color."  Maya Angelou







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