Parents honored in tribute ceremony

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In a speech, senior Princess Mae Liberato reminds her fellow graduating students to "keep moving forward” after leaving the campus.



The University of Baguio School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management staged a tribute ceremony for its graduating students and their parents and teachers at the New Town Plaza Hotel last Nov. 17 with the theme “Travel: Rediscovering the World Beyond.”


The event was graced by the parents and guardians of the December 2015 graduating students.


Student awards were presented during the ceremony, which included Dedicated Service Award in extra-curricular activities and in sports, Best On-The-Job Trainee, Best International On-The-Job Trainee, Leadership Award, and Academic Award.


Tribute speeches for the faculty, parents and graduating students were also given.


Truly, a celebration of one’s victory is a celebration of all, one’s victory is a shared victory, one’s sorrow is a shared sorrow, for all the people you come across with imparts with you a fragment of them, which you pick up and make it into something positive for your success which makes you, you. 

Princess Mae Liberato and  Danna Claire Longay



Princess Mae Liberato and Danna Claire Longay are graduating BS Tourism students of the University of Baguio.



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