SBAA, SLAHS, Grad School conduct outreach activity in Lucnab

Papier-mâché making was demonstrated during the outreach activity.




University of Baguio (UB) students under the program Master in Business Administration (MBA), officers of the UB School of Business Administration and Accountancy (SBAA) Student Body (SB), and officers of the Politis organization of the UB School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences spearheaded a joint outreach activity in Barangay Lucnab, UB’s adopted barangay, last March 11-12.


With day care mothers as participants, the outreach included a seminar-workshop on livelihood activities. Papier-mâché making was demonstrated by the SBAA-SB officers. The process highlighted the use of recyclable materials such as old newspaper. After the demonstration, the participants were given time to come up with their own papier-mâché.


Meanwhile, the pottery making session was spearheaded by the MBA students, utilizing used clothes or rugs and cement. The participants were likewise given materials so they could make their own pot.


Moreover, water bonsai making was presented by the MBA students. A lecture on financial literacy and solidarity concluded the two-day activity. 


Awards were given to the participants with the most creative outputs. –Jessa Mae Bustillo and Eriel Starr Gonzales



Jessa Mae Bustillo and Eriel Starr Gonzales are senior Bachelor of Arts in Political Science students of the University of Baguio.







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