School of Nursing observes int'l ozone layer day

Mini-gardens are on display along the School of Nursing corridors in observance of the International Day for the

Preservation of the Ozone Layer.





The University of Baguio School of Nursing (SON) joined the observance of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer on Sept. 16 by staging a landscape and booth making competition dubbed as “School of Nursing Protect Ozone” project, highlighting the importance of plants in helping curb global warming. 



Freshmen students from all six sections designed mini-gardens using plants, soil, stones and recycled materials. They were given three days to conceptualize and design the mini-gardens, which the judges critiqued from Sept. 16 to 21. Winners will be announced in the last week of September. The indoor gardens will be on display along the SON corridors until the end of the semester.



The International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer marks the date of the signing, in 1987, of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. The Montreal Protocol, signed by the United Nations General Assembly, has led to the phase-out of 99 percent of ozone-depleting chemicals in air-conditioners, refrigerators, and other products. The closure of the hole in the ozone layer, however, was observed 30 years after the protocol was signed. Due to the nature of the gases responsible for ozone depletion, their chemical effects are expected to continue for 50 to 100 years.





 Recycled materials were used in designing the gardens.



 The displays emphasize the protection of the Earth.



Specifically, the "School of Nursing Protect Ozone” project seeks to bring awareness

on the role of plants in helping mitigate global warming.



The mini-gardens will be on display until the end of the semester.







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