Small, Simple Moments to Remember

During my time in the United States, I experienced a lot of fun and exciting moments. I made friends, who would take me to amusement parks, malls, restaurants, cinemas, museums, and a lot more. All of those experiences are unforgettable.

Sure, there are a lot of wonders near the Houston area, such as the Natural Science Museum, Galveston Beach, and the Houston Space Center, but what really gave impact during my three-month international on-the-job training were the small things, such as the simple solitude in the property’s lake, or a drive around the property with your closest workmate while chatting, or just enjoying a book under a tree. Aside from not having to spend money to be able to do these things, you make good, memorable memories; unfortunately, people tend to forget to appreciate such small but special things.

When you sit by the lake, you find out how beautiful the sunset is; it takes your breath away and makes you forget your problems and homesickness. When you take the golf cart around the property with your co-worker, you learn more about your friend and you discover new and exciting routes to take around the property. And when you take time to read a book under a tree, not only do you get to enjoy your book, but it makes you look more approachable to friends and co-workers, which can lead to a conversation, which then leads to the both of you making plans for a museum visit the next day. These small things are often overlooked, but then in retrospect these simple things are the really memorable ones. Being able to look back and remind your friends of those simple moments will make them feel lighter. Your remembering such small but special details of your friendship will touch them.

In the end we are always thankful for the small things given to us. We are thankful for the food we eat, the knowledge we gain from our teachers, the love and care our parents give us… It’s the small things that count. – Joei Beatrix Bautista

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