SON conducts outreach activity

SON students hand a pamphlet as part of the outreach activity.




The University of Baguio (UB) School of Nursing (SON) held an outreach activity on the prevention of early pregnancy among adolescents and anger prevention and control at Lucnab, Baguio City last April 6.



Information on early pregnancy, such as protective factors which include higher level of education and use of contraceptives, particularly long-acting reversible contraceptives, were shared during the activity.



Pamphlets on anger prevention were also distributed. The pamphlets contain information on the science of anger and how to express it in a healthy way without losing control.



Senior students of the UB Nursing Department spearheaded the outreach.



Health education is part of the nursing profession, where the concept of health care is promoted and people are made to understand its massive importance. – Tamarah Corpuz




Tamarah Corpuz is a senior BS Nursing student of the University of Baguio.




Information on anger management are contained in the pamphlets distributed among the residents of Lucnab.




Nursing students from section NDA-1, who organized the activity, take a walk during the outreach activity at Lucnab.






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