Splendida Ultima Terra reigns supreme in UBLES Day

The Splendida Ultima Terra team performing their cheer



The University of Baguio Laboratory Elementary School (UBLES) celebrated UBLES Day with the theme “Promoting a Culture of Excellence through Camaraderie and Sports Competence” at the University of Baguio Gym on Sept. 4.


Members of the four teams, namely Splendida Ultima Terra, El Fuego Rojo, Tribong Asul, and Yellow Raven, showcased their talents and skills in various events such as cheering, basketball, and parlor games.


The Splendida Ultima Terra team grabbed the top spot in the cheering competition with their powerful voices, stamps and claps. The team was led by their advisers Yoko Macario, Alicia Viduya, Dianalyn Tamayo and Jessica Zambrano.


Meanwhile, the Yellow Raven team got the first place in the parlor games.


Moreover, the Green team snatched the first place in basketball as they defeated the Yellow Raven with their outstanding defense and offense skills.


At the conclusion of the activity, the Splendida Ultima Terra team was hailed as the champion. The Yellow Raven and the Tribung Asul finished as first runners-up while the El Fuego Rojo team landed at the third place. 


The winners received certificates of recognition.


The said UBLES Day is celebrated yearly to commemorate the birthday of the co-founder of UB, “Nanay” Rosa Bautista.




Splendida Ultima Terra's cheerleaders 






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