St. Luke’s Medical Center’s Student Congress: A Reflection

The UB School of Nursing participants at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig



The University of Baguio is one of the learning institutions invited to be part of St. Luke’s Medical Center’s 2nd Student Congress with the theme “Engaging, Enabling and Energizing our Future Innovators.” The event was held on Nov. 27 last year.



It was a privilege to be part of the student congress considering that there were only 20 graduating nursing students chosen to be part of the activity. It may have been tiring, but it was definitely worth it. The activity reminded us, students nurses, of the vital principles of the nursing profession, that we will soon be part of an interdisciplinary team dedicated to the care of the sick and that we should strive further to become well-rounded specialists in the practice of our profession.



Being a delegate to the congress is one of the most memorable experiences I will surely treasure. The challenges and enjoyment we experienced – from our travel to Manila in which some of us were not able to get sleep prior to the trip, to the master of ceremony’s ice-breakers, the speakers who gave us inspiration in achieving our goals in life, the tour we had at St. Luke’s Medical Center that fascinated us, the places we went to while gallivanting, to our travel back to Baguio City – are things I will keep a memory of.



“Do not fall backward, fall forward,” said Dr. Arturo De La Pena, the president and chief executive officer of St. Luke’s Medical Center. These words I will not forget.


Failure is part of our growth and development. Everyone experiences failure in their life. The most successful people in the world had numerous failures before they became who they are now. What’s important is the way we react and overcome failures. Falling forward means moving forward. And, in order to reach your destination, it is important to move forward and take action. If you do not take action, you will gain nothing and that means no learning, no growth, no result, no success. – Rhauzen Jean Hizon



Some of the UB participants in a photobooth at the congress




Rhauzen Jean Hizon is a senior BS Nursing student of the University of Baguio.






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