STE holds Edulympics 2019




The yellow team ruled the Edulympics 2019. 



The University of Baguio School of Teacher Education held its Edulympics 2019 last Jan. 25 with the theme “Bringing Out the Childhood Spirit in Us.” Four teams  participated in the event, namely yellow, red, green, and blue.



The activities brought fun and more importantly promoted unity and cooperation among the students through different games, such as Cash-Ya Kaya?, egg relay, bread-eating, longest line, tumbang lata, touch-the-body, and basketball, most of them Philippine traditional games.



Another highlight of the event was the Mr. and Ms. Edulympics 2019 pageant, won by Wenfred Balagan (blue team) and Daphny Ciano (red team). 



The Edulympics concluded with the yellow team as the overall champion.




Mr. and Ms. Edulympics 2019 Wenfred Balagan and Daphny Ciano with STE dean Dr. Bernardita Ayunon (second from left)

and UB-STE alumni Fred Florenz Abastillas and Pol Kirby Viloria



The green team



The blue team



The red team





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