Student teachers conclude 14-week practice teaching



(Photo courtesy of UB-STE) 



After their fourteen-week exposure to practice teaching, 37 student teachers of the University of Baguio (UB) School of Teacher Education (STE) – 30 BSED and seven BEED – gathered in a ceremony concluding their student teaching.


Titled “Spiritual Upliftment: Career Guidance”, the activity was held at the UB Centennial Hall last Nov. 24. It was led by the student teachers’ supervising instructors, Dr. Dahlia Soriano, the program chair for BSED, and Dr. Elmer Eligio, the program chair for BEED.


The resource speaker, Sario Pio, shared his experiences and other stories that inspired the student teachers. In his talk, he highlighted the importance of passion and values in the practice of the teaching profession.


Meanwhile, Dr. Soriano and Dr. Eligio left the students with inspiring thoughts which, according to them, can guide the students in their journey towards becoming teachers.


Dr. Bernardita Ayunon, STE dean, wrapped the activity by emphasizing the significance of passion in teaching, adding that upholding values in carrying out the teaching profession will help change the lives of the students, which in effect will change the community. – Jay-R Daguyen




Sario Pio receives a certificate of appreciation from Dr. Soriano and Dr. Eligio after his talk.






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