Supreme Student Council holds leadership seminar


The participants doing the "Helium-hoop" game (Photo: Nadir Amin Kamil Abdelhamid)



The Supreme Student Council, in collaboration with the University of Baguio (UB) School of Teacher Education (STE), held the first Emerging Student Leaders’ Conference at Lindawan National High School in Lucnab last March 17. 


The event opened with a doxology led by STE-MAPED students, who performed an interpretative dance using sign language. 


The participants, comprised of around 80 senior high students, were divided into six groups with 10 members and two STE facilitators each. 


The first activity was the “Helium-hoop” where the participants had to bring down the Helium-hoop on the floor without any finger detaching from the hula-hoop.


The second activity was the “landmines.” A mat was laid on the floor and “mines” were mapped throughout the mat. Participants must pass through the mat without stepping on the mines. Those who step on the mines will go back to the starting line.


The third activity was the “strongest and tallest tower.” In the activity, the participants had to create a tower that is tall and strong enough using toothpicks and onion rings.


Food was distributed for lunch.


In the fourth activity, the “character ball,” the balls had to be moved from point A to point B using only PVC pipes. The balls have corresponding values.


The last activity was the "merry-go-round," where participants were to create a circle by sitting on the lap of the person before them. The goal is to execute the number of steps that the facilitators will dictate.


Overall, the activities aimed to teach trust, cooperation, strategic thinking, concentration and self-restraint.


A reflection session followed after the activities. Certificates were then presented to the participants and facilitators.


Lindawan National High School is one of UB’s adopted schools. – Macaulay Raquel, Claire Fangonilo, and Gabriel Galvez  




The participants with the organizers (Photo: Nadir Amin Kamil Abdelhamid)




The officers of the Supreme Student Council and facilitators from the UB School of Teacher Education

(Photo: Nadir Amin Kamil Abdelhamid) 




Macaulay Raquel (BSHRM 4), Claire Fangonilo (BSBA – Marketing 4), and Gabriel Galvez (BSCE 4) are students of the University of Baguio.







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