‘Talents, skills are not enough; they must be coupled with good attitude’ – Gen. Adnol



Gracing the University of Baguio (UB) baccalaureate rites, UB alumnus Gen. Joseph Cagayan Adnol addressed over a thousand UB graduates at the UB Gym last May 25.


Gen. Adnol, who served as a director of the Philippine National Police Academy and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Group - PNP National Headquarters, urged the graduates to “share your talents and skills [as they will serve as your] legacy…”


“Don’t hesitate to ask for help – it’s the easiest way to learn your job,” he added.



In his speech, Gen.  Adnol reflected on how his parents – who both graduated from UB with the degree Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education – would remind them of the value of education. “My parents finished college through self-help or self-support. They [would always] emphasize how they were able to survive,” he said.


“In high school, we [had to] walk for three hours in the mountains [before we reach the school],” shared Gen. Adnol, who hails from Benguet and Mt. Province.


“After graduating from high school, inspired by the constant reminder and guidance from my parents, I decided to enroll in the seminary to show my parents that I can finish college for free. However, it did not materialize as I found another solution when I passed the Special Ethnic Group Educational Assistance Program, which made my college education free here in UB,” he added.


After finishing Criminology, Gen. Adnol took the Philippine National Police Academy Cadetship Entrance Examination and passed.


“In life, we have to take all the opportunities that come our way and [face the] challenges that [come with them] as these will bring us to where we desire to be,” he stressed.


‘Continue equipping yourself’

Gen. Adnol went on to underscore the relevance of continually developing oneself. “[Even] after graduation, continue equipping yourself with [further] competencies and skills. Remember that finding a job is competitive; promotion is also competitive,” he noted.


Bemedalled officer

In rising through the ranks, Gen. Adnol, who served in the government for 35 years, underwent special trainings, one of which is a seminar conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Los Angeles, California.


He received over 200 awards, among them the Medalya ng Kasaysayan, Kagalingan, Pambihirang Paglilingkod, Papuri, Paglilingkod sa Mindanao, Paglaban sa Manliligalig, Kadakilaan, Paglilingkod sa Luzon, Ugnayang Pampulisya, Mabuting Asal, and Pagtulong sa Nasalanta.


Further, he is a three-time Lakan awardee for being an outstanding alumnus of the Philippine National Police Academy. Likewise, he is a two-time recipient of the Police Community Relations Officer of the Year award from the Philippine National Police. Ultimately, he was honored as one of the country’s ten outstanding policemen by the Metrobank Foundation.


‘Competencies, talents and skills are not enough’

He hammered on the massive importance of possessing good character: “Competencies, talents and skills are not enough; they must be coupled with good attitude and habits.”


“And when you have a job, share your talents and skills. On the other hand, if you lack some knowledge and skills on certain processes, ask for help. Don’t hesitate; no one is perfect,” he said.


He gave a reminder for those who intend to work in the government: “Always remember that your prime job is for public service and not to take it as an advantage to abuse people or enrich yourself.”


Concluding his address, he congratulated the graduates and urged them to always look for opportunities. “Life is full of opportunities. Don’t waste time,” he said.



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Photos by the UB Media Affairs and Publications Office / Donald Rentiquiano, Rene Pascua, and Daniel Paolo Valdez



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Cadets from the UB School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety open the ceremonies with the entry of colors.


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A baccalaureate mass is held before the graduation ceremonies.


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 In his baccalaureate address, Gen. Joseph Adnol, an alumnus of UB who served as a director of the Philippine National Police Academy,

hammered on the massive importance of possessing good character, emphasizing, “Competencies, talents and skills are not enough;

they must be coupled with good attitude and habits.” 


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A graduate receives his diploma from UB president Engr. Javier Herminio Bautista.


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The placing of the academic hood by the parent on the graduate is another highlight of the ceremonies.


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The academic hood signifies the completion of the graduate's degree.


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Teary-eyed parents and graduates are a familiar scene during the ceremonies.


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 Expressions of joy and celebration also dominate the ceremonies.


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The symbolical tossing of caps concluded the ceremonies.


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 Over a thousand graduates marched in this school year's graduation rites.








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